Freeman Scholarship


The Freeman Memorial Scholarship provides monetary assistance for camp tuition to children in the community.


Donovan and Jennifer Freeman suffered a tremendous loss when their son and daughter were taken away from them suddenly. Dane was taken away by a violent shooting at a neighborhood backyard party. Latoya was diagnosed with Rosai Dorfman Syndrome, a rare disease of the lymphatic system, and succumbed to the complications of the disease. Both siblings lived a cheerful, compassionate and loving life with dreams that were not actualized due to their untimely demise. The family, in honor of their son and daughter decided to start a memorial scholarship in their children’s name with the desire to send children to Camp Joharie during the summer, where young people will begin to realize God’s plan for their life. The love Donovan and Jennifer Freeman have for their children and their memory will live on through this scholarship.

This Freeman Family Scholarship fund is accepting sponsors. To become a sponsor of the Freeman Family Scholarship Fund please complete the following form. Your sponsorship payment can be mailed or you can make a sponsorship payment via the link below. All donations are tax deductible.        


Dane and Latoya Freeman


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