Frequently Asked Camp Questions

Where is Camp Joharie?

Camp Joharie is located at: 381 Melick Road, 
Canajoharie, N.Y., 13317
United States

During camping season July and August all mail can be sent to the camp.

Can I mail things to my child?
Yes. In fact, we encourage every parent to mail a package to their child one week before the child is schedule to leave. Some children may suffer from separation anxiety. It's always wonderful and rewarding for a camper to receive a package from mom or dad. Additionally, some campers register for both regular sessions and are away at camp for 4 weeks. We encourage parents to send a care package every week. Campers will mail home letters letting you know of their progress. It's important to respond to the letter and reassure campers that they are missed. Parents can send pictures of family or friends and can include in camper's care packages favorite snacks, juices, some toys (such as frisbees, bubbles, dodge balls). Please do not send any electronic devices.


What is the ratio of campers to staff?
Our camper to staff ratio is always in compliance with New York State Sanitary Code, Children Camp, Subpart 7-2. For ages 7-8 years-old the ratio is 1:8, for ages 9-12 year-olds the ratio is 10:1, for ages 13 and older the ratio is 12:1.


What are the ages of the campers and how are they grouped together?
Camper's ages ranged from 7-17. Our two regular sessions are for camper's ages 7-12. Our teen session include campers ages 13-17. Children are grouped by ages and interest level.


Are your group's coed?
Yes. Our activities are co-ed and we have male and female counselors that lead groups. However, our dormitory, which is equipped with bathroom facilities are not co-ed. Additionally, during bathroom breaks and changing time for pool play, campers are peered with same sex counselors.


Can you enroll anytime?
Our enrollment process begins . Session 1 enrollment process closes on . Session 2 enrollment process closes on . Teen Session enrollment process closes on. If I had a medical form from last year's camp, can I use it? No. Your medical forms cannot be over a year old. You may have to take another physical in order for your medical form to be accepted.


Do you provide food?
Being a residential camp, we provide breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. We also encourage parents to send care packages to their child with their favorite snacks.


Can you switch from one camp week to another?
Our sessions are two full weeks. A camper must be registered for the full two weeks. Camp Joharie does not spilt weeks. Parents can opt to have their child moved from regular session 1 to regular session 2, or vice versa. However, camper must commit for the full two weeks.


Is there trained medical staff on site?
Yes, there is at least one licensed medical nurse on staff at all times.


What do the campers do if it's raining or excessively hot?
We have indoor program activities planned in advance, however, some activities don't stop because of the rain. The humid and excessive heat is monitored accordingly and campers will be brought inside. During play in the sun, we ensure that campers are properly hydrated. We are also in the process of raising money to build a pavilion near our pool area.


Can my child make a request to be in the same group as a friend?
Yes, this option is available during the online registration process.


My child is not a swimmer/strong swimmer. How will my child be supervised during pool time? Will my child have swimming lessons at camp?
We have certified lifeguards and swimming instructors on staff. Counselors are at the pool during swim time as well. They observe campers activities ensuring there is no foul play and they supervise during changing time in the pool house. Campers are swim tested by the lifeguards or swimming instructor. Children are given wristbands according to their swimming levels. All non-swimmers are required to play in the swallow end of the pool until their swimming level advances. Although pool time is usually play time, the lifeguards or swimming instructors will give campers informal swim lessons in the low end of the pool. Every year many children learn to swim at Camp Joharie.


Can I tour your facilities?
Yes. In order to schedule a tour please call (718) 291-2676, ext. 14.



Frequently Asked Medical Questions

Emergency Information/Health History & Physicians Form
These documents are part of the camper application and registration forms. All children must have these documents on file with the camp health office in order to attend camp.


Incident Reports
Any time your child visits the health office for any reason, a note explaining the incident (i.e. scratch on knee, soreness from sport activity, etc.) will be sent home with the camp on the day of departure. Unless, the parent submits, in writing, a request to be contacted on all health incidents that occur during a child's stay at camp, parents will only be contacted for severe health issues (i.e. broken limb, trip to emergency room, etc.). In such cases, a phone call will be made immediately to the parent.


Sunscreen Application/Bug spray
Campers are encouraged to apply sunscreen or bug spray before leaving the cabins for the day. We do not allow camper to carry around bottles of sunscreen or bug spray. It is the policy of Camp Joharie that staff, except health office personal, are not allowed to apply sunscreen to children. Campers must visit the health office before beginning their activities in order to have the sunscreen or bug spray applied. Sunscreen and bug spray are logged in with the health office and will not be left in the care of counselors or campers.


Parents should send a doctor prescribed epipen to camp and the usage and purpose of the pen should be described on the camper's medical forms. All epipens are housed in the health office, must be documented prescriptions for specific children. Health Office staff travel with campers on off-campus trips and are present at every activity. For those children who are to carry epipens with them at all times, the epipen will be in the care of the nurse.


Medications can be administered by the health office staff only if they are sent in the original container and with a note of signed consent from the parent. All medications in the health office are kept under lock and key.