• Various Activities

    Various Activities

    Our camp program offers the following: Mentoring Activities Well-rounded counselors mentor campers and have a vested interest in positively affecting camper's lives. Mentoring relationships assist campers in recognizing and living up to their full potential. Relationships are built on mutual trust and respect. Campers become self-aware as they began to
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  • Teamwork


    Social skills are fostered through teamwork. These days it's essential that one learn how to become team players. This is a life skill that is encouraged from early on in life and remains the number one question asked when interviewing for a job. Camp Joharie encourages team building activities to
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  • Sportsmanship


    Athletic Activities (Land Sports & Games) These activities are designed to enable campers to gain an appreciation for fun outdoor and indoor activities which promote healthy living and increase personal discipline. Team Sports: baseball, basketball, football, lacrosse, paintball, soccer, softball, volleyball, human football, golfing, bike riding, and kickball. Individual Sports:
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  • Education


    Education is far more reaching than in the classroom. Our campers learn age-appropriate skills that they can bring home and put into use immediately; such as cooking,cleaning, light woodworking, fishing, shop,etc. Camp Joharie has as well-stocked library and computer room as well, so campers can become continue to read throughout
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  • Creativity


    Campers are encouraged to participate in arts activities such as performing arts: dance, drama, music; arts & craft: ceramic, jewelry, leatherwork, metal craft, nature crafts, painting, photography, weaving, woodworking. Many campers fall in love with one or more of the arts during the summer and go on to develop their
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  • Communications


    Communication skills are integral from the crib to the grave. Not only does Camp Joharie aim to develop verbal communication within peer groups, but horizontal and vertical communication with "outsiders". Beside fostering verbal communication, we at Camp Joharie help to develop campers awareness of body language, reading, writing and computer
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  • Collaborating


    Our campers learn to band together, team up with, and cooperate with other individuals and/or groups to complete tasks. In the real-world this form of collaborating is becoming more and more important as corporations and universities become more regional and international. Focus on collaboration also helps build skills required for
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